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Your QuietSelf subscription provides heart-centered audio tracks created specifically for soulful meditation and introspection. Try this White Light Chakra Scan for free right now to see what we mean. Fun, easy, powerful. Feel refreshed and refocused in just 5 minutes.

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Throughout time, there’s always been a select group of humanity engaged in exploring the soul’s purpose.

They’ve been called mystics, shamans, mages, seekers. Their journey is crucial to human evolution. The path is not always easy, but its rewards are Divine.

The QuietSelf library provides meditation and visualization experiences designed specifically to support and serve those engaged in an inner journey of self-transformation.

We look forward to accompanying you, and to being of service and support, as you continue onward along the road less traveled.

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QuietSelf guided meditations and music are professionally produced soundscapes for spiritual meditation and inner discovery.

Created by combining love and science, these specialized tools are designed to unlock personal heart-mind experiences of the soul. They are unique, immersive, and transformative.

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