Discover New Experiences of the Cosmos

Discover New Experiences of the Cosmos

Headphones/earbuds suggested 
Headphones/earbuds suggested 

The EXPLORATION Mind State is the newest addition to the QuietSelf audio library of guided meditations, meditation music and visualization technique instruction.

EXPLORATION Experiences are built to sound like various locations inside an imagined starship. This makes them ideal as “brown noise” background to all kinds of tasks. Brown noise is beneficial to calming the mind and supporting focus. Most important, however, is the detailed brain entrainment embedded in every track. Individually and as a collection, these tracks help you discover new experiences of the cosmos. As a result, your inner world will shift in ways you didn’t think possible.

These long-playing tracks are available to all paid members in lengths of 20 minutes up to 4 hours. They are truly unlike anything else in the QuietSelf Library of audio Experiences. Or anywhere else in the world.

has arrived to take you wherever you seek to go.

These special tracks are the perfect accompaniment to a variety of activities, from the everyday to the extraordinary. For example, they’re handy for blocking out unhelpful or unpleasant sounds around you while creating a cosmic vibe inside yourself.

They’re also great for daily activities such as meditation, relaxation, introspection and sleep. And beyond that, use them to jettison your journeys into astral travel, lucid dreaming, manifestation, spell-casting, and creative endeavors such as writing, planning, coding, and more.

Enjoy a daily lift into new realms of cosmic depth and clarity.

With EXPLORATION, and everything else in the QuietSelf Library, get ready to travel far.

Get into a cosmic state of mind.

Choose the Unlimited Plan and enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial.

Choose the Monthly Plan and enjoy low commitment and the convenience of cancelling anytime.

Either Membership entitles you to everything in the Library. Not just the Exploration Mind State shown here.

Membership also includes all new material added throughout the duration of your subscription.

Get started today.

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