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QuietSelf Meditations

QuietSelf (QuietSelf.com) produces high-quality recordings to support your spiritual but not religious lifestyle. We offer guided meditations and visualization practices, as well as meditation music without voice guides.

Our focus is on emotional centering. By tapping into the heart (how you feel), we immerse you in a contemplative Experience that is unique to you.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced meditator, our audio tracks help you retune the world by progressively retuning yourself. This shift in perspective is transformative to your personal experience of life.

We suggest that you allow each of the Experiences to work on your heart-mind like a yoga asana works on your body-mind. Engage them repeatedly, both in meditation and as background to your daily life. Each time will be different in an endless flow of awakening into higher consciousness.

QuietSelf Music & Sound Design

The QuietSelf meditation library is an ever-growing collection of exclusive music compositions, sound design and voice guides built specifically for meditation and introspection. Our audio tracks are modern, fresh, and designed to facilitate a deep experience of meditation. The library is suitable for beginners, experienced, and even advanced meditators. All practices are welcome and honored.

To maximize your immersive Experience, all audio in the QuietSelf Meditation Library meets or exceeds the quality standards required for motion picture soundtracks. The voice guides are clear and clean, the sound design is gentle and natural, and the music is composed specifically for meditation and other inner journeying.

These aren’t songs that help you feel relaxed enough to meditate. Rather, they are tools that you can use to experience a deep and more profound meditation. QuietSelf Experiences are carefully constructed to get you into meditation quickly and keep you there until you’re ready to exit.

QuietSelf Brainwave Technology

QuietSelf audio recordings contain a variety of targeted brainwave technologies to enhance your meditation practice. Collectively, these technologies are referred to as brain entrainment.

It’s important to note that brain entrainment isn’t the same as hypnosis or subliminal messaging. Rather, it’s an established category of technology for addressing physical brainwaves. It works by stimulating the brain into specific wave states by presenting it with certain frequencies, to which the brain aligns itself.

One of the longest-standing entrainment technologies we use to direct and support changes in brainwaves is binaural beats. Discovered in 1839, binaural beats technology is a method of introducing tones that are very slightly detuned from one another, delivered separately to each ear.

The pulsing sound, or “beat”, created by these detuned tones creates a desired frequency with which the brain aligns itself. For the brain to benefit from binaural beats, headphones are needed. This ensures that each ear receives only its intended tone.

Another entrainment technology we employ is isochronic tones. These are tonal pulses delivered to both ears simultaneously and do not necessarily require headphones. They operate in a similar way, however, in that the brain adjusts itself to be in waveform alignment with the pulse.

Most people find brain entrainment audio technologies to be unpleasant to listen to in their raw form. This is why we work to subtly weave them into our recordings. Although you won’t notice that you’re hearing them, you are hearing them. You’ll benefit because of how they support brain functionality and thereby enhance your meditation and introspection experience.

QuietSelf Company

Aerial shot of an intriguing circular shrub maze surrounded by greenery. The floor of the maze is a light tan color.

Founded in 2015 as a resource for anyone with a spiritual but not religious lifestyle, House of the Quiet Self is a small company located in Los Angeles, CA. We’re dedicated to providing spiritual seekers with audio tools that help them achieve deeper, higher, and more fulfilling meditation experiences of the cosmic divine. 

We applaud your open-eyed journey through the sometimes mysterious maze of living a human life. And we’re honored to accompany you on your personal passage along the road less travelled.

QuietSelf Founder

Portrait of a woman who's smiling genuinely, she's wearing black glasses and she has greyish curly hair. She is the founder of QuietSelf, Deon.

Founder and CEO Deon Vozov is a composer, sound designer, and voiceover professional in the TV, film and games industries. Most importantly, however, she’s a lifelong seeker. Her passion is exploring, and producing audio to support the expanding global community of seekers who identify as spiritual but not religious.

When she’s not creating QuietSelf recordings, Deon can be found poring over dusty old books, trawling occult and crystal shops, and attending lectures about things that may or may not go bump in the night.

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