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Our Meditations produces recordings to facilitate heightened consciousness. Our subscribers learn a varied range of traditional and new meditation techniques through immersive Experiences of these techniques. Suitable for beginners, our Meditations are also of benefit to more seasoned practitioners. Enjoy meaningful “me time” as you find profound inner peace and explore personal cosmic connections.

Listen. Experience. Change.

The Company

Founded in 2015, House of the Quiet Self is a small, privately-held company with recording and teaching facilities in Los Angeles, CA. We understand the search for spiritual meaning in this human life. And so we’ve literally made it our business to support your unique journey. The immersive Meditation Experiences we offer are available exclusively here on

The Founder

Deon Vozov is a composer, sound designer, voice artist/director and life-long seeker and meditator. In her spare time, she reads dusty old books, trawls occult and crystal shops, and attends lectures about things that may or may not go bump in the night.

Meditation is an individual effort with universal meaning.
Simply put, the world is a better place when you meditate.