What Is Cosmic Energy and How Can You Explore It?

What Is Cosmic Energy?

Cosmic energy is the fundamental component that forms and connects all things in existence.

It’s considered to be a subtle, invisible energy that is the core animator of all life and life transformations. Present everywhere, it pervades all aspects of the Universe, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the farthest and most vast expanses of space. It is the essential component of spiritual and energetic processes.

The concept of cosmic energy is found in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions around the world. It is known by different names in different cultures, such as prana in Hinduism, qi (chi) in Chinese philosophy, mana in Polynesian traditions, and others. It’s possible you’ve heard it referred to as Divine Light, or shakti. 

While the specific terminology may differ, the essence remains the same: a vital force or energy that flows through the natural world and all things in it. Including us.

Science cannot prove the existence and nature of cosmic energy, or even measure its existence or the impact it has on reality.

Conversely, science cannot disprove its existence. Looking to science for validation of cosmic energy is very much like asking science to prove or disprove the existence of God, or create a schematic for love, or illustrate the depth of your own, personal experience of meditation. That’s not what science does.

We – spiritual entities exploring a human existence – do that.

A cosmic energy nebula cloud of gold, blue, yellow and blue, with a light subtly coming through the cloud.

So, What Is Cosmic Energy Meditation?

Cosmic energy meditation is the ongoing exploration of the ways in which cosmic energy create reality.

It’s a practice that facilitates the development of higher consciousness by concerning itself with the subtle realms of our spiritual existence.  Many of its beginning techniques employ guided imagery. As you practice grows, visualization techniques replace imagery meditation.  The idea is to develop perception beyond the five senses. Beyond even the sixth sense. Like, way beyond.

As higher consciousness becomes a common occurrence in your practice sessions, you begin to perceive the ways in which everything in the Universe is inextricably interconnected. You develop daily awareness of the ways in which individuals are simultaneously separate entities and interconnected components of the cosmic whole. At its core, this style of meditation pursues universal truths about the events of existence, both visible and invisible. Beyond what we consider to be our selves.

Building on this spiritual sense of eternal interconnectedness, cosmic energy meditation fosters an ever-expanding unfoldment of oneness with the cosmos. This is the higher level spiritual work available to each of us living this human life. There’s no secret club of ascended yogis from which you are excluded.

Spiritual awakening takes many forms, but all have one thing in common: the development of higher consciousness. This is the beating heart of cosmic energy meditation.

It’s interesting, challenging, soothing, mind-bending, heart-opening, and soul-satisfying. Get started for free!

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