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Your QuietSelf subscription gives you unlimited access to everything in the QuietSelf library. The current library is comprised of 160 spiritually-rich audio EXPERIENCES, twenty 7-day courses and five 4-week courses. You can access Experiences based on time lengths and through categories called INTENTIONS and MIND STATES.

1 Minute
Just 1 minute of meditation can change your whole day. Enjoy a variety of meditations, visualizations and technique exercises any time you have just a minute to spare.
5 Minutes
5 minutes is enough time to steep a cup of tea, or wait for your latte to be brewed. It’s also enough time to experience a deep meditation that brings tranquility and balance to your day.
10 Minutes
If you have just 10 minutes a day, you can give yourself the gift of inner peace and growth. Choose from a variety of heart-centered Intentions and Experiences.
20 Minutes
20 minutes of soulful meditation on a regular basis supports deep inner change. Choose an Intention, and allow yourself to experience transcendent, soul-opening meditation.
30 Minutes
Whether for meditation, or as support with looking at life through a lens of compassion and higher consciousness, 30 minute Experiences will help you grow through your chosen Intention.
45 Minutes
Sometimes 30 minutes doesn’t feel long enough, but the day’s schedule can’t hold for a full hour. When that happens, 45 minutes hits the sweet spot.
60 Minutes
60 minutes of deep inner change and evolution. Explore a variety of Experiences to evolve your body, mind, and heart.
7 Days
7 Days of any Intention brings focus and commitment to your practice. Each day offers a brief guided Experience to walk you through meaningful exercises and techniques as you move through your chosen Intention.
4 Weeks

A 4-week Intention commitment to bring serenity, change and satisfaction to your heart-centered meditation practice. As the month of daily practice progresses, you’ll feel yourself lightening and changing. You’re not alone, and you can do this. Listen. Experience. Transform.

Experience detailed techniques and deep inner journeys to discover and increase the happiness you choose.
Looking for heart-centered relief from stress, anxiety, worry and confusion? Experiences in this Intention were made for you.
Activate and develop compassionate self-care. Experience what it is to perceive and embrace the marvelous creation you truly are.
Music and sound design created for specific Heart-Mind Experiences. Useful in meditation and as meaningful background to compassionate, heart-centered living.
Heart-centered music and sound design created specifically for mental tasks and meditation practice. Useful in counting meditations, and as enhancing background to logical, “left-brain” work.

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