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QuietSelf was made to help you develop your inner mystic, even amidst the chaos of everyday life.

There are many wonderful audio apps, websites and even local groups to help you begin or develop a meditation practice.

QuietSelf is different.

Our guided meditations help you grow quickly because, rather than simply being instructed in how to meditate, you are immersed in meditation experience each time. Even if you’ve never meditated before,

Our professionally produced guided meditations and meditation music combine the inspiration of music and sound design with the science of brain entrainment.

Most importantly…

Each QuietSelf meditation Experience is produced specifically to enhance your journey of personal, individual spiritual growth. These aren’t relaxing tunes to add to a playlist, or simple feel-good visualizations. They’re carefully forged keys to help you unlock the inner doors between your self and your higher Self.

There’s a whole world of meditation beyond mindfulness. If you’re ready to take your practice to new levels of cosmic energy consciousness, we’re here to walk beside you on your journey.

Why Our Meditations Are So Immersive

Our primary focus is on emotional centering as a conduit to spiritual development. By engaging the heart (how you feel), you experience effortless immersion in a contemplative “cocoon” that is unique to you, at this moment in time, in this sphere of space. To accomplish this, we draw heavily on the art of music and sound design.

On an emotional level, music that is created specifically for cosmic meditation heart-centered provides an emotional environment that is supportive to cosmic meditation practice.

On a practical level, our recordings help you to calm the outside world of distractions without becoming absorbed in music that is overly stimulating for the tasks of meditation and introspection.

In addition, our audio tracks move you quickly into meditative states with careful application of brain entrainment technology. This helps align the brainwaves themselves with desired states of physicality and consciousness.

Last but not least, our recordings sound good. In fact, our audio meets or exceeds the quality standards required for motion picture soundtracks.

The voice guides are clear and clean, the sound design is gentle and natural, and the music is composed specifically for meditation and introspection.

From start to finish, the overall result is a listening experience that helps bring you quickly and easily into meditation and keeps you there transparently.

What's Included in Your Unlimited Membership

Your Building Blocks

Experiences are the building blocks of the QuietSelf library.

The current library includes an extensive array of single-session lengths, from 1 minute up to 62 minutes.

In addition to single sessions, the library includes 7-day intensives and 4-week courses.

Your Journey Maps

QuietSelf Intentions are categories of meditation Experiences. 

Intentions include guided meditations and meditation music, in a variety of lengths.

They help you organize what you’d like to work on, whether you have just a few minutes or plans to devote focus daily for 4 weeks..

Your Accompaniment

Mind States are non-guided Experiences created specifically for meditation, introspection, sleep and other activities. These non-guided Experiences include music and sound design, as well as detailed brain entrainment. 

Mind States are available in an assortment of useful lengths.

Everything is designed to maximize your deepest inner journeys through cosmic energy meditation.

Your Unlimited Membership entitles you to every Experience, Intention and Mind State we offer.

What Is QuietSelf?

QuietSelf is a library of exclusive audio content to enhance and develop your practice of cosmic energy meditation. We offer both guided and music-only content for our members to utilize in their practice. It’s an excellent resource to learn new techniques and explore adventures in higher consciousness.

Who Is QuietSelf For?

QuietSelf is a service for anyone who seeks to elevate their consciousness and explore their spirituality. Most of our members identify with the term spiritual but not religious. Our goal is to provide all seekers with the highest quality enhancement to meditation and spiritual introspection.

How Does QuietSelf Work?

We combine the science of brain entrainment with the art of music, sound design and spoken voice. Our meditations are professionally recorded, mixed and mastered to provide highest audio quality. As a result, we’re able to offer inspiration and motivation on every level.

The Library is arranged by experience lengths as well as by Intentions, and there is a separate section for music-only Experiences. You can further organize the material by favoriting individual meditations, and you can track your progress through all multi-session experiences. All the meditations are conveniently streamed to your computer or device quickly and easily.

All you do is click Play to be immersed in a genuine experience of meditation

How Can I Try QuietSelf Risk-Free?

We offer a variety of ways to explore QuietSelf and choose what works best for you.

The Annual Unlimited Membership includes a 14 Day Free Trial. If you decide to cancel before the Free Trial ends,  you’ll never even be charged.

The Monthly UnLimited Membership begins with a 20% discount on your first month. No long-term commitment, quick & easy to cancel any time.

The Free Membership entitles you to 2 guided meditations and 1 music meditation. Use your Free Membership as often as you’d like, zero obligation.

Lastly, all paid plans are backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We think risk-free should always mean risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

QuietSelf is not a religion of any kind. It’s a membership-based audio subscription service for people who enjoy having a personally fulfilling spiritual experience of living a human life. It’s not built around a religion or any organized belief system or philosophy. We welcome those of any faith, or no particular faith. Our sole purpose is to support individual spiritual evolvement through meditation techniques and introspection. We have no doctrine or dogma. Rather than trying to limit your heart-mind to a small set of possibilities, we’re all about supporting your search for an expansive spiritual experience of life on your own terms.

So, whenever you see the word “join” on the website, it refers solely to purchasing a paid membership, signing up for free membership, or adding your name to our mailing list. 

If you enjoy New Age books and media, deep meditation, past life regression, tarot cards, astrology, Viking runes, astral projection, psychic phenomena, magick, theosophy and other kinds of intuition-centered studies and meditation, you’ll feel at home with QuietSelf.

Brain entrainment is a technology whereby the brain naturally aligns and synchronizes itself with brainwave frequencies. Audio brain entrainment uses auditory stimuli to trigger this synchronization. You can read more about QuietSelf brainwave technology here.

Paid memberships to QuietSelf provide you with access to the subscriber-only audio in the Library. The Free Membership, on the other hand, entitles you to 3 Experiences selected from the current library. Additionally, while paid Memberships are renewed either annually or monthly, depending on which you choose, Free Memberships never require renewal.

When you sign up for the Annual Unlimited Membership to QuietSelf, you begin your 14 Day Free Trial immediately. That means that you gain unlimited access to the full QuietSelf library right away, but your credit card isn’t charged for a full 14 days. Once your free 14 Day Free Trial is completed, your card will be charged for the year. This charge occurs just once a year, starting a year from the first date you’re charged (14 days after you first sign up) and gives you unlimited access to the full QuietSelf library for that year. Please note that the Monthly Unlimited Membership does not have a Free Trial, although there is a discount for your first month to get you started.

Our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee is simple and straightforward: if you’re not happy, you can get a 100% refund. If you’re having a technical difficulty with the site and feel frustrated, please reach out and give us a chance to help. We’ll do everything we can to get your issue sorted.

You shouldn’t. You should try them out for yourself to see how they make you feel and what benefits you receive from using them. Try them yourself and let us know what you decide. We’ll wait for you :)))

QuietSelf Has a Rating of 4.6 Stars on INSIGHT TIMER

You can learn more about the QuietSelf memberships tiers on our Subscribe page. Or, if you’d like to just dive in, you can choose a membership level below to get started right away. Every purchase on QuietSelf is risk-free, and you can always get your money back. Also, we offer a 14-day free trial with the Annual plan, so you can check it out and decide for yourself. Cancel before the Free Trial ends and you’ll never be charged.

Level Price  
ANNUAL UNLIMITED $0 now, then $60/yr after 14 Day Free Trial Select
MONTHLY UNLIMITED $8/mo to start, then $10/mo until cancelled Select
FREE Free forever Select
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