Cosmic Consciousness: The Seen and Unseen in the First Four Dimensions

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When we hear the word “dimensions”, referring to points in the spiritual cosmos, most of us understandably picture locations…physical places in which events begin, unfold, and end.

But this isn’t accurate.

Cosmic dimensions are not physical places, locations, or even planes in any traditional sense. So, it’s reasonable to wonder how we can “get” to them. What are they? How are they distinct from one another? How do you know when you’re in one and in not the other? And what do you do when you’re in one rather than in another?

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey through the interconnected tapestry of the first four cosmic dimensions of consciousness, keep reading. It’s a deep dive, perfect for those poised to leverage some powerful new awareness in their lives.

What Are Cosmic Dimensions?

Cosmic dimensions are arenas, or circles, or states of consciousness. Not conscious awareness, but actual consciousness. Each dimension has its own unique vibration. Like, strings on a guitar each have their own unique vibration or frequency. Anyone or anything that exists in that dimension, either sustainably or temporarily, comes into tune with that vibration.

The first cosmic dimension vibrates at the slowest rate, which results in its frequency being low. Thus, if you were to enter the first dimension, your unique frequency would come into sync with this low frequency. This isn’t a value judgment. All the dimensions have meaning, from the first on up to the highest. Each serves a unique and necessary purpose. In fact, without the first (lowest) dimension, we could not have the seventh and eighth (highest) dimensions. You can compare it to a major scale in Western music. This is the kind of scale you were probably first taught in school. There are 8 notes in a major scale – do re mi fa so la ti do – and the first do, called the “low do”, is an octave lower than the high do. Of course, not all music around the world, let alone the Universe, is written in major scales. But the point is simply that there are frequency vibration relationships between notes. The high do isn’t “better” than the low. It’s simply a different frequency (vibration). It sounds higher because its frequency is faster. The same is true of the cosmic dimensions. Each dimension vibrates at a faster – which means higher – frequency than the one below it.

The quality of a dimension’s vibration will naturally include some organisms, and even people in some cases, as well as higher entities, and exclude others. But it’s not like dimensions are exclusive clubs of some kind. Instead, you can think of cosmic dimensions of consciousness as layers of muscle development. When you’ve not yet developed much muscle, a 10 or 20 pound weight feels adequately heavy for developing a particular muscle group. But over time, as you develop that group of muscles, the 20 pound weight begins to feel quite light. So, you move up to 40 pounds, which again provides the resistance you need to build that muscle group. Then you move onto 60, and so on until you look like the Incredible Hulk.

This isn’t a perfect analogy, since we don’t develop the dimensions themselves, but rather we develop our perception of them. We are “let in”, as it were, because we can perceive them. That is, when we perceive the reality of a dimension, not the imagining of it, we’re ready to actually enter it. Until you can perceive a dimension, it either seems like magic or flim-flam, depending on your particular world view. And in any event, we can’t find the door to get in.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with imagining a dimension. In fact, imagining it in detail is often the first step on the intentional journey to perceiving it. While it does happen occasionally, most people do not have a Road to Damascus moment, when you suddenly awake and become that which you were not before. Rather, we inch towards such a moment so slowly that when it does happen, it often doesn’t feel revelatory. More like a, “oh, this is happening now” thing. So, go ahead and imagine higher dimensions. Imagine them until you can visualize them. And then visualize them until you can start to perceive them. And then perceive them as you gain entry. That’s the process.

How Do Dimensions Work?

First, just as we assessed dimensions to be levels of consciousness attuned to increasingly higher frequencies or vibrations, it’s important to further consider how each dimension is characterized by a unique set, or sometimes subset, of perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Interestingly, while all dimensions of consciousness have perceptions, the lowest and highest levels have the fewest attitudes and beliefs. In the lowest dimension, attitudes and beliefs are irrelevant because organisms in this lowest dimension cannot create them, and in the highest dimensions – that is, the 7th and 8th dimensions – organisms and entities cannot be bound by them. In both cases, attitudes and beliefs are irrelevant. It’s only in the middle dimensions that attitudes and beliefs are part of the scenery, as it were.

Here’s another thing. Each dimension represents a different set of perceptions that aren’t fixed but rather are fluid because they’re influenced by our individual experiences and choices both while in any one (or more) dimension and also from simply interacting with that dimension. Additionally, these perceptions are also influenced by the collective consciousness of organisms that exist in, or travel through, that dimension. And, finally, to really tease your brain, the higher dimensions, in which spiritual expression happens, perceptions are joined by beliefs and attitudes – both individual and collective. Until you arrive at the highest of the dimensions.

In so many ways, there is nothing fixed in the Universe. Everything is, or seems to be, fluid. Personally, I think that at higher vibrational dimensions of consciousness, as we can gain glimmers of the larger scope of reality, we might be able to identify certain fixed aspects to reality. But perception of these fixed aspects is often fleeting and even difficult to recall in our normal human awareness.

This topic of dimensions is quite large – if you’ll excuse the implied pun – and in this article I’m not going to try to give you a Monty Python history. What I will try to do, however, is walk you through the basics of the first four cosmic dimensions of consciousness. For those of you who are already moving into levels 4 and above, you can think of this as a short refresher course. For those of you who are in the earlier stages of your spiritual development, you can think of this article as a primer to set you up for your journey.

Please, always remember this. Regardless of where you land on the spectrum of consciousness and conscious awareness, you are AOK. This is your journey and this is your incarnation. This is where you need to be because, simply, this is where you are.

Alright, let’s begin at the beginning.

The First Dimension

The first dimension is the realm of simple, pure physical matter, where objects exist in space and time without any apparent consciousness or awareness. This means that objects and organisms in the first dimension are subject to physical laws and forces, with no agency or will of their own. They exist, yes, but they are nascent in their spiritual evolution. In fact, it’s conventionally considered that organisms in the first dimension have not even begun a spiritual journey.

Again, the first dimension is the realm of the purely physical. Spirituality is a higher vibration in and of itself.

The Second Dimension

The second dimension is the realm of plants and animals. It’s a notably higher vibration than the first dimension in that it expresses a greater complexity and overall organization of itself. The organisms that emerge in the second dimension are capable of changeability and interaction with one another. This is where life forms develop unique characteristics and behaviors, and respond to their environment in various ways.

However, in this second dimension, it is generally considered that there is still no awareness or consciousness of the self, and organisms operate purely on instinct and survival.

Sidebar: A Personal Word About Plants and Animals

I realize that for some of us, it’s impossible to accept that animals and plants have no self-awareness. It’s a complex and often hotly debated topic. Personally, I experience many animals as having a very high degree of self-awareness that seems to go beyond basic instinct. And anyone who has ever hugged a tree knows that there’s more happening than when they hug a rock. For that matter, some people can feel the vibrational differences between rocks, minerals and crystals.

I’m not out to dis anyone’s experience of reality.

My point is simply that while organisms that dwell in the second dimension do have conscious awareness, esoteric thought argues that this awareness is limited, and that these organisms, so sweetly curled up on our beds and decorating our gardens, exist in a pre-spiritual reality.

Personally, I struggle with accepting this as an absolute fact. I think that it’s possible that, as they evolve physically, some species are rising to a higher vibration that will enable them to become fully self-aware, as a species and therefore as individuals, over time. This development would allow them, as a collective species, to vibrate at a high enough frequency to generate connective experience of spirituality.

It seems likely to me that, given the long-game that is emblematic of all evolution, there are likely “front runners” in this evolutionary trajectory. This is why, I imagine, many people have experienced a deep sense of soul connection to certain animals, insects, plants and even crystals (which are, after all, living entities).

There’s a lot of debate on this topic, and if you disagree, you’re not alone, and I certainly respect your right to do so.

The Third Dimension

Continuing on with our discussion of dimensions of consciousness, it is only in the third dimension that self-awareness and consciousness are traditionally seen as emerging. This is the dimension in which most of us currently reside and maneuver. This is the realm of daily human life, as it were.

As human beings, we have developed the ability to think, reason, and reflect on our own existence. It is this extent of self-awareness that is seen as the hallmark of full consciousness. Not higher consciousness, but full consciousness.

This is why the third dimension is often considered the threshold of spiritual awakening and evolution: it allows for the development of consciousness, and conscious self-awareness, and the exploration of higher realms of existence.

For example, in the third dimension, our perception of reality is largely influenced by our physical senses and our belief in separation and duality. “I’m like this and you’re like that, because I am me and you are you.” We see ourselves as separate from others and the world around us, and we perceive reality as a collection of disconnected and independent objects and experiences.

The Fourth Dimension

Let’s look in detail at the fourth dimension.

In the fourth dimension, we begin to experience a greater level of freedom and creativity. We become more attuned to our intuition and our inner guidance, and we gain access to new levels of spiritual insight and understanding.

Some of the lessons that we, the regular denizens of the third dimension, might learn in the fourth dimension include the following. You may notice these things singularly at first, but ultimately you would begin to experience them simultaneous, just as you experience of the individual elements of third-dimensional consciousness as a cohesive – if mutable and changing – reality.

Attributes of the Fourth Dimension

In the fourth dimension, we begin to experience a greater level of freedom and creativity. We become more attuned to our intuition and our inner guidance, and we gain access to new levels of spiritual insight and understanding.

Some of the lessons that we, the regular denizens of the third dimension, might learn in the fourth dimension include the following. You may notice these things singularly at first, but ultimately you would begin to experience them simultaneous, just as you experience of the individual elements of third-dimensional consciousness as a cohesive – if mutable and changing – reality.

In the fourth dimension, we become more aware of the creative power of our thoughts and beliefs. And by “power”, I mean POWER. We begin to understand that our thoughts and beliefs are what shape our reality and that we have the power to manifest our desires through our thoughts and intentions. Again, remember that this is in the fourth dimension. If in your daily life you try to “manifest” the good life – whatever that means to you – you’re not manifesting it, you’re just imagining it. This is likely why you struggle with manifestation techniques “almost working”. You need to level up to the fourth dimension, even if it’s just here and there, dipping in and out, as you live most of your life in the third dimension with the rest of us working stiffs.

In the fourth dimension, time is experienced differently than in the third dimension. We begin to understand that time is not linear and that past, present, and future are all interconnected. We gain a deeper appreciation for the present moment and learn to live more fully in what we perceive to be “now”. Even when we slipped back into our normal, third dimension lives, the more accurate experiences of time – what it is, rather than how we measure it – come with us in small doses. While it is difficult to retain consciousness of the fourth dimension in the third dimension, the more frequently you go back and forth, the more natural it will become.

In the fourth dimension, we begin to learn the importance of emotional awareness. We become more attuned to our emotions and learn to embrace them collectively as a valuable source of guidance and insight. We learn to listen to our feelings and trust them, and use them as a tool for personal growth and self-awareness. Be aware, however, of this very important point: the quality of our emotions is more refined in the fourth dimension – because emotions vibrate at a higher frequency and are therefore higher and lighter – than what we experience as emotions in the third dimension. In the third dimension, it’s not unusual for our emotions to run away with us. In the fourth dimension, our emotions are guideposts to deep inner knowing. They keep us on track, and grounded. Very different.

In the fourth dimension, we begin to dwell in the experience of the interconnectedness of all things. Our understanding includes awareness of the ways in which we ourselves are all part of a larger whole. We learn to see beauty in all things, and the concept of “perfection” changes to something deeper, higher…and actually possible. In the cosmos, all things are possible, because all things are.


Overall, the fourth dimension represents a higher level of consciousness and awareness, and it offers many valuable lessons and insights for those who are ready to explore it.

While most human beings spend the majority of their lives in the third dimension, even those who are not consciously interested in dimensional travel often do indeed travel. We’re always dipping up and back down. I once asked one of my spiritual guides if humans ever dip down into the second dimension and the answer was a question: Have you observed the world in which you live this life? I guess that was my answer, lol. But it was also a reminder to stay on point, which is that we are evolving, ascending, and that means we are on an upwards trajectory. It might not always look like it, but we are.

So, while we’re not necessarily dipping down on the evolutionary scale, it’s important to always keep in mind that both the lower and higher dimensions are impermanent states of consciousness. Please do take that in. While this article has somewhat championed the pursuit of rising into the fourth dimension of consciousness, the fourth dimension is not a permanent state of consciousness, nor is it or any of the other dimensions – excluding, perhaps, the eighth dimension – intended to be. It has a fluid nature. Or perhaps it’s we who have a fluid nature, moving through these dimensions. Almost everyone who is able to experience the fourth dimension does so in spurts. This is normal, natural and to be expected.

For example, when we have vivid dreams or experience moments of deep intuition, we may be in the fourth dimension. Similarly, when we experience moments of heightened creativity or inspiration, we may be in the fourth dimension as well. Seconds before and seconds later, we’re tooling around in the third dimension.

In fact, it’s possible – or even likely – for most people to slip in and out of the fourth dimension throughout the day. Of course, this isn’t always a conscious or intentional process. In fact, many people may experience moments of fourth-dimensional consciousness without even realizing that’s what it is. It can take years and many times of going in and out before some people even clock what’s happening.

With practice, however, it is possible to cultivate a more consistent experience of the fourth dimension. This might involve practices such as meditation, visualization, or other spiritual techniques that help to open up the mind and expand consciousness. The key is primarily to be aware. There’s that word again – awareness.

Ironically, the goal is always to integrate the insights and lessons of the fourth dimension into our daily lives, so that we can live more fully and authentically in alignment with our highest selves. The trick, if there is a trick, is to integrate these lessons consciously, with focus and intention. And then, let them unfold.

As we travel through and across these dimensions, our conscious awareness begins to evolve. Each visit to a dimension higher than where we generally abide will always bring greater clarity in our perception of reality.

If you enjoyed this article and enjoy cultivating a worldview with a spiritual perspective based in esoteric thought, please consider joining us on QuietSelf with a Free Membership. We offer a growing library of audio tracks, both guided and music-only, to support you on your journey.

Travel far.

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